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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we have such low prices?

We manage to have such low prices and products of excellent quality thanks to the fact that we have very few intermediaries, and our great experience in the sector, which allows us to offer.

What days do we not deliver?<br />


 At azlulu we work for our clients every day so that you can order whenever you want, you can make your purchases 24 hours a day, seven days a week. What are the accepted payment methods? In azlulu you can use a variety of payment methods, such as credit and debit cards The following payment methods are available for your use:  
• Visa 
 • Visa Electron 4B 
 • Euro6000  
• MasterCard  
• American Express 
 • Maestro International  
• SEPA bank account  
• Pay in 4  
• Credit Line  

What payment methods does azlulu not accept?

In azlulu there are payment methods which you cannot use. We do not accept the following payment methods:  In azlulu there are payment methods which you cannot use. We do not accept the following payment methods: 

• Cash payments in any currency  
• Checks or money orders 
• Promissory notes  
• Cash on delivery payment


Is it safe to receive my orders?

According to the who, the probability that a person infected by covid contaminates commercial items is very low, but if you want more up-to-date information about covid-19 in the world health organization information pages. 

Privacy & Security

Transport Layer Security Due to the threats to data privacy on the Internet and the threat of identity theft, it is very important to shop online only from reputable and recognized sites. It is also advisable not to provide personal or credit card information if you are not using a secure connection. To ensure that the store visited is legitimate, the following elements can be checked, among others: Presence of conditions of use and legal notice. Complete contact information, such as the name and address of the company (LOPD). Elements that give seriousness and confidence: Recognized trust seal or recommendation by the FECEMD: it is not necessary for the store to be legal and its use decreases with the passage of time. Initially they were designed to provide seriousness and trust, but currently most online trust seals only require a high annual payment to have it and this method is more and more discussed every day as an image of seriousness for an electronic commerce. Existence of a physical store: many physical businesses are complemented by an online store and this makes buyers more confident when buying in these types of stores. Real opinion system, managed by a trusted third party: There are companies that manage user opinions, certifying their authenticity as verified opinions or icert certification. Notice from consumers on external sites (comparators, forums, store directories, etc.). Ecommerce Award Winner – Not required for an online store to be legal. It would be impossible to create a store and to be legal to receive an award before opening it, receiving an e-commerce award can take years, even never receiving it, many very important stores do not have any, unless they have bought it and in that case Does not have merit.